We quickly capture the images of your facilities, with a focus on not cluttering and security. We use laser and photographic technology, which will  allow you to navigate your facilities with a floor plan perspective  of where you are.

Ideas: Aerial view of the site, plan navigation, tools for taking measurements.


Design and edition of the tours, to generate directed dives. It  allows you to focus on what you are interested in showing , optimizing the understanding of your processes and infrastructure.

Ideas: Machinery and equipment maintenance tour, Risk prevention tour, maintenance tour.


Incorporation of information and content in key milestones. It  allows you to incorporate texts, pdfs, images and links in key positions , generating an operational information model.

Ideas: Tour with description and maintenance manuals, Tour with user tutorials, Tour with operational questions.


Database to store regularly captured tours.

It  makes it possible to compare the same point at two different times. 

Application idea: Compare state of work from one month to another, Check progress status of an intervention.


It  allows you to incorporate data from an excel template (managed by you) directly in the tours . You edit the parameters and they are automatically reflected in the tour.


Application idea: Indicate maintenance statuses, KPI compliance, Key dates of processes or maintenance, Check of programmed key milestones.


It  allows you to incorporate notes in the tour and share them in real time . At the same time, the observations are consolidated in PDF, and shipments and recipients can be scheduled.

Application idea: Indicate in the 360 states of maintenance, KPI compliance, Key dates of processes or maintenance, Check of programmed key milestones.

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